Kapasa Makasa Health Center

Welcome to Kapasa Makasa University Health Center

The Kapasa Makasa University (KMU) has its own Clinic within the institution which is accredited to the Health Professions Council of Zambia and it is operating as class C-level 03. The clinic  operates as an OUT – Patient Department, meaning that the clinic can only keep patents for less than 24 hours under care( the clinic does not offer admissions). All clients that need special management of care are referred to Chinsali General Hospital which is located approximately 25 kilometres from the institution. The institution Health department manages certain aspects of Clinical, Drug and Health Management.

Mission and objectives

Departmental Structure
The organogram of the facility ranges from Clinic in charge thus a Midwifery Nurse, Registered Nurse, Pharmacy Technologist, Clinical Officer and supportive staff comprises of clerical officers and cleaners in that order
To be primary health care and health information providers of choice for the university students and members of staff and to facilitate wellness programmes that promote and support academic success.
We strive to provide quality cost effective primary health care and health information to the university students and members of staff and medical expertise to university community

kapasa makasa health center

KMU Clinic is an Out-patient department (OPD)

The clinic operates as an OPD which means it only keeps patients under care within 24 hours. After which the patient is refered to the general hospital for further investigation and management.


Currently, KMU clinic operates with the following staff:

  • One supervisory doctor
  • One midwifery nurse
  • One Clinical Officer
  • One environmental health technologist
  • One Registry Clerk
  • Two Registered nurses

Working Schedule

Monday to Friday - 8:00hrs - 17:00 hrs

Saturday and  Sunday - Half day

Holidays - Half day

Emergence Calls - During off duties

Clinic Contact information

Address: Mulakupikwa, Great North Road, Chinsali

Phone number:  +260 974743606

Email: clinic@kmu.ac.zm

Services Offered


This includes: temperature, BP, RBS, FBS, RPR, HB, Urinalysis, pregnant tests, Stool MCS, Serological Tests

Mother and child health services

Antenatal booking and postnatal services

ART Clinic

Anti-retroviral therapy clinic which includes: VCT, PMTCT, ART distribution

Family planning

Condom distribution (male / female), Oral contraceptives


Dispensing of drugs to patients

Male Clinic

Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC )