Welcome to KMU Center for Information and Communication Technology

Kapasa Makasa University has integrated information communication and technology in all its functions as one of the critical elements of its strategical plan.

In recognition of the global need for ICT services, and to certain escalating costs that would result from multiple hiring of such expertise, ICT Services department was set up as a central service Department to provide expert services and guidance to all academic and administrative units of the university.

The department is mandated to champion the implementation of a stable and reliable network, provision of technical support to all users with in the university, implementation and maintenance of video conferencing system, provision of security to all ICT Services, ICT Policy implementation and support to all user units. This applies to both software and hardware.

General computing Services

Internet services through established hotspots/WiFi accessible around campus.
Intranet services to support both staff and student.
The university provides free corporate e-mails for both the staff and students
cloud services
Digital library and other online resources are available authorised users as a way of promoting research and innovations.
E-learning facility is available to enhance learning.
other services
Walk in services such as assistance with changing passwords, installing antivirus software, computer maintenance and repair etc

Network support

Network and Infrastructure

This section deals with servers, networks, Internet, VPN lines, Wi-Fi, etc. where all  other ICT service rely on it in order to operate.
Two sections are under this section: 

Data centre:

  • Installing and maintaining standalone as well virtual servers and ensures that they are in a good running state
  • Monitor and ensures that internet is up and running
  • Check regularly if email is functioning properly
  • Check regularly if DNS is in connection
  • Check regularly if Wi-Fi is functioning properly
  • Change and maintain firewall rules as the need arises
  • Run daily updates on systems as well as the Anti-Virus program
  • Configure and maintain network switches and routers 
  • Ensure that operating systems are up to date
  • Do daily backups