Dean of Students

The Dean of Students offers


The University currently, has a modern infrastructure with 840 bed space capacity. The self-contained apartments are shared by 5 students and equipped with cooking and refrigeration facilities. In case of power failure, alternative sources of cooking facilities are provided. Accommodation to students is on first come first serve basis upon production of admission and proof of payment; this is because enrolment is not tied to accommodation.

The University does not provide accommodation to couples and mothers with babies however, such category of students are encouraged to arrange for accommodation outside the University subject to inspection by the University authority in order to ascertain the compliance on standards. International students are guaranteed with accommodation within campus.

All the hostels have 4 floors with a common room equipped with fully subscribed DSTV and a washroom on each floor. Each hostel is manned 24 hours by alert Security Guards and a Hall Warden always available. During vacation, the hostels are also available for hire. 

Sports and recreation

The University attaches great importance to sports thereby, offering support to various sports disciplines. The University is affiliated to Zambia University Sports Association this enables students to interact at intervarsity level. The move is aimed at providing a health environment amongst students through wellness and recreational activities.



The University has a counsellor who deals with student’s academic related concerns and   psychosocial problems so as to effect corrective measures. The Counsellor facilitates for educative forums at which socio-cultural and academic talks are discussed.

Probes the nature, extent and causes of the students and staff problems taking into account of social, economic, environmental, medical, psychological and any other potentially factors and provide appropriate emotional support. 


The University has a Chaplain who offers religious assistance to students and university community Christian groupings. The Chaplain provides confidential counselling, emotional support, to the entire University community and advises the University authority on religious, spiritual and moral matters.

Student Orientation

The University conducts an orientation programme on first year students aimed at introducing them to KMU life and prepare them for University academic endeavours. The programme covers all spheres of life as it involves presentations by professionals from the University and state Security wings. It provides a platform for students to know each other and make them comfortable about their stay at KMU. It also takes them through the dos and don’ts.