2021 Research and Publications

       Ongoing Research Work

  1. Kashale C. and Musukwa C. Design and Implementation of Aqua Monitoring System at Kapasa Makasa University using Wireless Sensor.
  2. Chaamwe N. Shumba L and Kashale C. Grade 12 ICT Text Book
  3. Naomy M, Benson N and Jack H Re-discovering the cultural heritage of Chinsali District,
  4. Chaamwe C. and Kashale C. E-Learning Implementation in the wake of COVID19 A Case of the Copperbelt University, Zambia. Muchinga Province: an exploratory study.
  5. Nkonde E, Siluyele N, Malawo M, Leonard N, Kaluba G, Cleopas Z. A Survey On The Integration of ICT In Education In Zambia: The Case Of Selected Schools In Muchinga Province of Zambia.
  6. Edward Nkonde” An Assessment of Strategic Planning Skills of Middle Management University Human resource. The Case of Copperbelt University.  PhD Research. Supervisors Dr. Chabala and Professor Shumba
  7. Siluyele N and Kashale C.  Investigating the incorporation/infusion of Ethnomathematics into the classroom in the localized curriculum in primary schools: the case of selected rural Primary schools in Chinsali District, Muchinga Province.
  8. Monde C. et al The effect of algae extract on the growth of Pterocarpus angolensis seedlings grown in mycorrhiza colonized soils
  9. Monde C. et al      The pesticidal effect of pawpaw (Carica papaya) leaf extract against aphids on  rape (Brassica napus)
  10. Monde C. et al The anaesthetic effect of sodium bicarbonate (nahco3) on different sexes of Oreochromis macrohir (greenhead tilapia).
  11. Kanja, K. & Mweemba, M. Modelling Forest Structural parameters using Remote Sensing/GIS and field data.
  12. Kanja, K., Siampale, A., & Mwitwa, J. Land use change arising from agriculture in protected forest areas.
  13. Mweemba M., & Monde, C. An assessment of cage aquaculture production, challenges and opportunities in Lake Kariba, Siavonga district, Zambia.
  14. Mweemba, M., & Monde, C. An assessment of fish post-harvest losses and prevention practices in Siavonga district, Zambia.
  15. Chisha_Kasumu, Kalaba F. K., and Mweemba, M. The effect of plant hormones and physical removal of seed coat in improving germination rates and certification provenances.  
  16. Mwitwa, J  Contextual analysis of Agriculture in Zambia (Under the SENTINEL Project) IIED Book.
  17. Indigenous Knowledge and conservation in Zambia (Ph D – CBU) PhD thesis; journal articles
  18. Local drivers of illegal Hunting of wildlife by communities and mitigation measures in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia.     PhD Research.
  19. Chama, F. & Mwitwa, J. Institutional and Policy Framework in the Governance of Capture Fisheries and its bearing on Co-management: Experiences from Zambia.
  20. Francis Chama and Jacob Mwitwa. Institutional and Policy Framework in the Governance of Capture Fisheries and its bearing on Co-management: Experiences from Zambia. E-Mails: fchama99@yahoo.com, Jacob.mwitwa@gmail.com.
  21. Musonda N., Kalaba, F. K. and Mwitwa, J. (2019). Vulnerability Assessment of Fisheries-based Livelihood to impacts of Climate variability and change. A case of Lake Bangweulu Fishery, Zambia. Maritime Studies (Springer).
  22. Musonda N., Kalaba, F. K. and Mwitwa, J. (2019). Coping strategies of fisheries-based households to impacts of climate variability and change in lake Bangweulu, Samfya Zambia.  Heliyon.
  23. Kashale C., Siluyele N, Nkonde E. and Isaac P. “Analysis of Social Media on moral behaviour of youth.” A case of Kapasa Makasa University Campus
  24. Kashale C., Wilson N. Siluyele N., Nkonde E. “Investigating the use of Mobile phone’s camera technology in detecting COVID-19 pandemic”.
  25. Thomas M, Matias A, Christina P, Tomas O (2021). Designing a theoretical proposal using problem-based learning to improve learning of Trigonometric ratios among Grade Eleven Students.

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