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ICT with Education program

About ICT with Education Program

Information and Communication Technology with Education Trains Students to build their career as ICT professionals or Teachers of Computer Studies. It encorauges
Learners to develop the appropriate personal skills that are essential for independent learning based around ICT.

It is designed to train students who wish to build their career as an ICT professional or computer studies teachers. You can increase your knowledge and skills through hands-on experiences and courses that build on one another. The program is designed to meet employer needs for IT and communication skills in education and industry.

first year courses

Course name Course name
Mathematics MA110
Physics PH110
Chemistry CH110
Language LA110
Philosophy PE110
Computer Science CS110

second year courses

Course name Course name
Data structure, algorithm and programming ICT250
Database Management ICT235
Computer architecture ICT
Software Engineering ICT230
Engineering mathematics MA210
Principles of Education PE230

Third year courses

Course name Course name
Data communication and networking ICT320
Web designing and development ICT361
Java programming ICT350
Teaching methods TM310
Research ICT400

Fourth year courses

Course name Course name
mobile networks ICT480
internet technology ICT 460
computer security ICT 455
artificial intelligent ICT 471
Teaching practice TP 410
Education Managements MG 410
ICT education projects ICT 400

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